i-Vantage Inc. Enabling Global Delivery Centers
i-Vantage is an Integrated Offshore Captive Center Services Company. That means, we help companies to design, set-up and operate their own technology and back-office centers in India.

While the offshore technology and BPO model has been around for decades, Have you ever wondered why Offshore always meant Outsource? Back in 2000 we did, and that was the genesis of i-Vantage.

i-Vantage is solely focused on building global competencies for its clients in the captive mode. We do understand that setting-up and operating a captive center is fraught with challenges, and hence we created a model and methodology that brought all the benefits of offshore to our clients, and minimized the risks of being on your own. We welcome you to learn more about our services and capabilities.

Our Integrated Services are provided through 3 practice areas:

Consulting: i-Vantage helps clients to develop Offshore Captive Strategies incl. BOT, JV and Subsidiary models. We also help with Location Analysis, Financial Modeling, Operational Feasibility, and identifying Ideal Offshore-able activities and processes. Many of our clients who look to having multiple centers in India also engage i-Vantage for Disaster Recovery and India based Business Continuity Planning exercises.

Implementation: i-Vantage enables dedicated teams (Tech and BPO) in its ISO 9001 certified world class delivery centers through a BOT model or setups a fully owned incubated subsidiary for our clients. We currently offer incubated services in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata and Pune, and have field offices in New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. Our clients stay with us for a defined period, during which they grow to a critical mass and are able to set-up their own physical location. We help clients identify raw or built-out space and manage the transition out from our facilities.

Sustenance: Even after our clients leave our facilities, they continue to draw upon our expertise and capabilities to help with their growth. These include Center Management Services, Offshore Resource Growth, Taking over non-performing captive centers, HR Motivation and Retention Strategies.

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Since 2001, i-Vantage has helped more than 30 companies in Offshore Delivery modeling, setting up of small to large sized global delivery centers and supporting their continued growth.
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