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Outsourcing to India The Offshore Advantage by Mark Kobayashi-Hillary Available at Amazon and all leading book stores


"In Outsourcing to India : The Offshore Advantage, Mark Kobayashi-Hillary has offered a balanced view on the trend to outsource to India . He makes a compelling economic case for outsourcing to this region whilst acknowledging and discussing the emotive aspects of such a decision."

Kiran Karnik, President of NASSCOM




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Outsourcing to India

"Where the two books differ is in their level of sophistication. Kobayashi-Hillary conducts a much more thorough tour of the hoops a company must jump through to establish an India operation. The decision on whether to set up your own captive unit or to outsource to a third-party supplier is probably the most important."

Edward Luce, Financial Times
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European Outsourcing Association

"Mark clearly demonstrates how India is taking up a key role in providing IT and Business Process Outsourcing using a remote delivery model. He shows that this can be very economically advantageous to European companies, but that such offshore outsourcing raises many challenges which - should you follow his advice - may nevertheless be pragmatically managed."

Nigel Roxburgh, Co-founder - European Outsourcing Association












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