i-Vantage Inc. Enabling Global Delivery Centers

i-Vantage differentiates itself from its competition because we have a razor sharp focus on helping our clients setup their own competencies offshore.

Our business model does not look to tie-up our clients into complicated long term contracts. In an offshore and/or outsourced relationship, the balance of power in the client-vendor relationship shifts in favor of the vendor over the years as they gain more knowledge about the work effort than the client. This leads to friction and makes the client susceptible to price increases, team rotations - a feeling of dissonance or non-importance.

Our service models include the Global Delivery Center (GDC) and Subsidiary Solutions. Most of the GDCs we build are under a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) financial framework. This ensures that the knowledge and resources are transferred to our clients after a period of time. In the fully owned Subsidiary model, we set-up your legal entity, staff it and manage it (or help manage it). The title in knowledge, resources and assets reside within your organization from day 1.

i-Vantage prides itself when the client it incubates grows large enough to leave our facilities and go out on their own. Case in point - A Fortune 500 Financial Services Company - we helped grow from 20 to 1200 in 3 years. We continue to have a relationship through our sustenance practice providing staffing, HR strategies and center expansion expertise.



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