i-Vantage Inc. Enabling Global Delivery Centers

i-Vantage helps Plan, Build, Manage and Support our clients in their captive IT/Back office plans for India. We eliminate the anxiety, uncertainty & confusion of building a captive center. We help locate and build infrastructure in 7 cities in India. We provide management and support to operate our client's centers efficiently. We help sustain growth of the center with ongoing staffing and HR services. We have helped 30+ clients and created a cumulative 2500+ resources for their captive centers.

i-Vantage is a Global company with a footprint in North America, Europe and India through 7 offices.

i-Vantage makes the economics of going captive available to Fortune 500 companies as well as to Small and Medium Enterprises. Whether your plans are for thousands of resources or you wish to start with as few as 10 resources - we make it economically feasible.

i-Vantage reduces the cost of going offshore by 30-40% over traditional offshore outsourcing services.

i-Vantage is the Captive Center Partner of Choice with end to end consulting, implementation and sustenance support.



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