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Its all the more important to bring an offshore operation into the ambit of process, quality and Information Security certifications like ISO/CMMi/Six Sigma, etc., given the need for remote operations to convey a sense of:

  • Assurance
  • Credibility
  • Process based robustness
  • Existence of formal systems to incorporate global best practices for ensuring customers comfort onsite.

i-vantage, by virtue of running it's own operations and also managing the various subsidiary solutions over the last five years, has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in customizing, implementing and refining processes (procedures, guidelines and best practices) which are aimed at meeting and exceeding customer expectations in every realm of captive center operations. i-vantage believes that ultimately, Quality Certifications are only a by-product. The real value lies in focusing on continuous improvements in processes to achieve the business objectives within the constraints of competing demands on resources, costs and delivery schedules.

A highly experienced Quality and Information Security Management Team is available for deployment in all incubated and captive operations of its customers.



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