i-Vantage Inc. Enabling Global Delivery Centers
In the words of our client:

"Bottom line, if I were to do any activity in India that needed the assistance of a corporation like I-Vantage there would be one phone I would ring….I-Vantage."

We know offshore, better we know how to build your corporation offshore, that is our bread and butter and we excel at it. For too long, Offshore has meant Outsource. However, many companies are hesitant to outsource it - why outsource when you can in-source in India.

We help corporations plan, visualize, build and operate their subsidiaries offshore. Many companies want to get there but do not have the management bandwidth, talent, local knowledge, appetite for risk etc to do plan their offshore strategy. We can help there.

Our team of international consultants help your plan your offshore strategy that enhances your core offerings and meets your business goals. Many companies relay on their past experience and knowledge in planning their strategy, this approach is flawed in today's competitive and turbulent business environment. We help companies navigate these turbulent waters and design their strategy to constantly reinvent itself while providing superior return to management, investors and customers.



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