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The term "consultant" generally refers to a professional analyst who assists major corporations in understanding complex business issues and in developing and/or executing an action plan to address them.

Our consultants do that and more, they are like a trusted friends and business partners. At i-Vantage we strongly believe in this philosophy. Our consultants understand the business of offshore and live it and breathe it each day, this makes them highly aware of what it takes to make offshore successful. They work off a robust Methodology, but do not have a cookie cutter approach. Each assignment is unique; we work with our clients in understanding their goals and build an offshore strategy that complements those goals. Our vision is to make your offshore enterprise harmonious with the rest of the organization. We provide our clients with practical, scalable and achievable solutions in a framework that makes their vision a reality.

In today's world we are not restricted to regional or national boundaries, we are truly global. This brings on new challenges and opportunities. We fathom the world of Globalization by using offshore to improve and excel in delivery of good and services while achieving cost saving, increase in productivity and customer satisfaction.



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