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When companies outsource their core and non core projects to typical third party outsourcing vendors in offshore locations, they are often confronted with challenging situations like.

  • Invisibility of resources in vendor teams and Intellectual Property Protection
  • Disparate project management processes which may not be exactly aligned to the customers onsite processes and culture.
  • Difficulties in administering Change requests / pricing control in a dynamic project management scenario.

To overcome the shortcomings of a typical outsourcing model, i-Vantage offers the unique solution of dedicating Client selected resources on an ongoing monthly basis, who are owned, administered and provided all the requisite infrastructure by i-vantage, but who report directly to the onsite Project Management Team.

Features of this model are :

  • Monthly leased resources who are handpicked by the customer in line with the project requirements
  • Resources are owned, administered and provided with the operating infrastructure by i-Vantage but culturally and loyally, aligned to the Client environment and onsite project management team.
  • Flexibility for Clients to either manage the resources from the onsite location (B.O.T) (OR) utilize the resources with project management services from i-Vantage (Time and Material).

Option 1: Build, Operate, Transfer (B.O.T)

  • Work allocation, resource utilization planning and Project management is done by the Customer's onsite project management team.
  • Customer can opt for transfer of the resources to a Captive and fully owned subsidiary at pre determined time windows.

Option 2: Time and Material

  • Clients can utilize the i-Vantage project management team under a Time and Material Estimate for a specific project
  • Clients can still opt for transfer of the dedicated resources to a captive and fully owned subsidiary at pre determined time windows.
  • Best of Both Worlds: Our Clients has the option of using i-Vantage's project management teams in a La Carte manner, only for identified projects, while the Clients's own project management team handles the dedicated teams on a ongoing basis, thereby making the entire offshore operation cost effective and highly flexible.



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