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Our Disaster Recovery (DR)/Business Continuity Planning (BCP) service offering is geared towards clients who have now built a substantial base in India and should start thinking about how to de-risk the operation "within" India. This could also include recommendations of "second center or location" in India

DR/BCP exercises usually start by taking stock of the risks/threats and then devising appropriate mitigation processes.

A major part of the disaster recovery planning process is the assessment of the potential risks to the organization which could result in the disasters or emergency situations themselves. It is necessary to consider all the possible incident types, as well as and the impact each may have on the organization's ability to continue to deliver its normal business services.

This can be complex and demanding. To assist in this area therefore there are a number of tools available aligned to various international standards.
Part of the risk process is to review the types of disruptive events that can affect the normal running of the organization.

There are many potential disruptive events and the impact and probability level must be assessed to give a sound basis for progress. We have categorized the risks that should be discussed and mitigated as a part of a good DR/BCP plan as below:

1. Environmental Disasters
2. Organized and / or Deliberate Disruption
3. Loss of Utilities and Services
4. Equipment or System Failure
5. Serious Information Security Incidents
6. Other Emergency Situations - Violence/Transportation or Public Strike, etc.



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