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i-Vantage nurtured the core competency of being the only known end to end implementation partner for helping companies setup fully owned captives offshore.
It has created a fool proof and sustainable business model concerning key parameters of an offshore operation and in the process eliminating operating risks. The key takeaways for the customer are:

Minimum size of the Captive:
i-Vantage has successfully incubated team sizes starting with as little as 10 resources in its shared plug and play facilities surrounding the team with a cordon of all support functions like:

  • Front Office and Physical Security Functions
  • HR Administration, Brand Management and Payroll Processing.
  • Finance, Accounts, Treasury and Regulatory
  • Information Security and I.T. Helpdesk

All the support functions are customized to replicate the parent company's culture and business philosophy.

The parent company can straight away orient the start up core team to the delivery plan while i-Vantage enables the benefits of a shared infrastructure and functional management support to work for the captive.

As the captive center grows in size, i-Vantage continues to support the operation by project managing the infrastructure build out of a suitable workspace at the most appropriate location.

i-Vantage has proven case studies with Fortune 500 companies to SME's in Technology and BPO operations that even with a fully owned subsidiary of 10 people to begin with, the cost of operation is lower by 30% compared to a typical outsourced operation.

Shorter time to Market:
i-Vantage can enable quick ramp ups with the help of full fledged staffing division comprising of experienced resourcing managers, both in a wide array of technology and BPO skill sets, thereby decreasing the time to market for enabling a full fledged R&D or support operation from the offshore captive.

i-Vantage has till date, provided with more than 2500 + captive center resources for its customers and has strong customer testimonials to prove this point.
Also, the HR Administration support has gathered expertise around the area of managing attrition for a captive operation, as it vies for talent with the best names in the industry.

Risk Mitigation:
i-Vantage has pre defined and customizable SLA's which are a part of the contractual engagements for all support services it provides under the Subsidiary Solutions offering to the customer.

Also, through its proprietary Global InServeSM process , which is ISO 9001 certified, i-Vantage delivers well documented procedures.

Also, i-Vantage works with all subsidiary solutions customers to obtain their own PMP or Information security certifications like ISO / CMM or BS 7799.



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