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One of the critical factors to successfully implement an offshore delivery organization is transitioning the work offshore effectively. This does not change whether the activity being transitioned is a Business Process (BPO) or IT enable Service (ITES) or Technology Development, Maintenance or QA.

Offshore Transition Management is, in our view, the most critical part of the offshore move. We implore our clients to make this an important part in their planning. However, transition management is not intuitive and needs work. This is an acquired skill and i-Vantage has built and perfected various tools, templates, customized dashboards and techniques that can make this successful for any organization.

Snapshot of Activities
- Help establish an effective PMO
- Offshore ability Analysi
- Implementing the process transition

Some of the customized deliverables that we create for our clients are:

- Offshore questionnaire
- Offshore Process Matrix
- Project Team Charter
- Project Plan
- Training Plan
- Tollgates dates, sign off
- Technology and Telecom requirements
- Communication Plan

- Hi-Level Process Mapping
- Process Tracking Plan
- Training Record
- Site Readiness Check list
- Adapted Process Maps
- Dashboards




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